stopping the disobedience TODAY!!!

It’s been 2 years since I started this blog!  Today is my first post since….I have disobeyed God so many times that I cannot tell you.  He has urged me to sit and write, to share what He has put on my heart.  Why have I disobeyed?  Well, because honestly, it’s hard to write about what He wants me to.  It’s bold, it’s heart wrenching, it’s dangerous….someone may not like me!  Someone may have a different view/opinion.  But you know what…’s okay.  I have come to the conclusion, and I have accepted that we all arrive at different times and that God shows each of us things in His way and in His timing!!!  I just have to be a voice and allow Him to use me.  So…..that’s what I am going to begin doing.

Now, one disclaimer…..I have friends of OTHER faiths!!!! And I hope that you do as well!!!   I love them!!!!  I hope that my friends will not avoid my blog because it’s coming from a viewpoint that they may not believe in.  My blog will be filled with LOVE, ENCOURAGEMENT, MOTIVATION, AND POSITIVITY!!!!  I do believe that Jesus saves and that He is the way but I also respect others views and feelings and opinions….I ask you to do the same.  If you know of someone that can benefit from my post, then please share with them.  I want to be a LIGHT and I want the world to know that there is HOPE & HEALING!  There is also MUCH VICTORY!!! 

Love each one of you!


2 thoughts on “stopping the disobedience TODAY!!!

  1. I’m excited to see what’s coming! Proud of you for taking this step. I felt the urge to blog a lot lately too, and I haven’t because I’m worried about people it might hurt. However I know that God uses us through our experience to bless and encourage others.

    • Thanks Wendy! I know exactly what you mean! I guess we just have to trust that HE knows better than we do and that HE needs a conduit to the world. I have loved your transparency in your blogs!

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