CHOOSE to learn or teach in EVERY moment!

Today my son played his playoff game and they had to win in order to get to the Championship game.  We’ve had a GREAT season with only ONE loss!!!!  Today we lost the one game that mattered.  It’s a sad sad day!!!  I cannot lie.  We have played for four years and no loss has hurt this much.  I think it’s because I just knew going into today that we would be in the championship.  Boy did God teach me through today’s outcome!  Here is what I learned:

1)  ONE moment does not define you!  A loss or win does not define you….One play does not define you….it’s a series of moments that matter that get you to that BIG game!  All of our choices get us to these moments in life.  We can’t blame one play, one player, one coach for a loss.  If you lose by one point because in the last 10 seconds of the game you fumble the ball, well guess what….had you not let them score on you all those other times and had you blocked the way you should then that one moment would not matter.  It’s the journey that defines you.

2)  We need to accept responsibility!!!  Our society is so bent on BLAMING someone other than ourselves, our child!  We want to blame a coach for the plays that he called…we want to blame a kid for not playing his best…we want to blame a “bi-week” for us being off our game.  We need to accept that we ALL played a part in the win or loss!  A game is not won or lost because of ONE player!  A game is won and lost by the TEAM.  If you don’t block, then he can’t score a touchdown.

3)  Every single moment is a “teachable” or “learning”  moment….good or bad!  I hear people say and see people post “you learn more through a loss or through tragedy”.  I disagree!  EVERY single moment is a moment to learn something!  If you win then you learn about being humble and about hard work paying off.  You learn that pride will try to rise up and you learn to use the gifts and talents that God has given you.   If you lose then you learn about character and about how to adjust your “game”.  You learn to not blame and to accept!  You learn that you need to get better!  Saying that you learn more through loss is a cop out!  Don’t ever accept LESS THAN the best!  Choose to learn no matter what.



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